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Debt Settlement Guarantee

F.I.R.E. Int'l offers a Money Back Guarantee for each individual contracted Client account that is not settled at fifty-five percent (55%) or less of the debt’s current face value, subject to all of the following terms and conditions:

a) Client must act in complete compliance with the Contract For Services and shall cooperate with F.I.R.E. Int'l and their effort to provide said services;
b) Client must not default on any payment obligations under an agreed-upon settlement for any contracted account prior to requesting a refund under this Guarantee;
c) Client must send a written request for refund under this guarantee to F.I.R.E. Int'l no later than thirty (30) calendar days after Client's Contract For Services is fully performed and Client has made all required payments to F.I.R.E. Int'l on all settled accounts. All written requests must be transmitted and received to F.I.R.E. Int'l at their designated mailing address via the United States Postal Service by certified mail only;
d) If for any reason, Client is unwilling or is unable to accept the proposed settlement on a contracted account, or otherwise fails or refuses to accept any such settlement, this Guarantee shall be null and void, and have no force or effect;
e) Should F.I.R.E. Int'l be unable to settle one or more of Client's contracted accounts, any refund under this Guarantee shall be calculated on a pro rata refund of the Service Fees paid to F.I.R.E. Int'l attributable to such individual unsettled accounts.
This Settlement Guarantee does not apply to any Client’s contracted account, which has balance transfers, cash advances, or where the Client has not responded to a thirty (30) day letter from a collector.

Credit Correction Guarantee

F.I.R.E. Int'l offers a Money Back Guarantee. If Member’s credit score is not improved over the length of the Membership, Member will be entitled to a full refund of all Credit Correction fees paid to F.I.R.E. Int'l, minus the cost incurred by F.I.R.E. Int'l of pulling Member’s credit reports. This Money Back Guarantee is subject to adherence by Member to all of the Terms & Conditions.

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